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About ITI Global:

The concept of ITI began emerging in the 1990s and was incorporated in 1995 by international scientists, professors and engineers sharing an expertise in and proclivity toward sustainable world development through the advances of science and technology.

ITI is engaged in the research of Science, Technology and Economy; consulting services of R&D and tech-novation, technology assessment; technology exchange, transfer and trade; and an array of education and training programs. ITI believes that strengthening international development requires a commitment to the pursuit of sustainable, global technological progress.

ITI provides services to bridge the gap of R&D and commercialization; combine technology assessment and technology transfer; give free reign to the advantages of both developing countries and industrialized countries; and provide real practical applications in both technology exchange and training.

ITI has the expert human resources to support a variety of projects in both the private and public sector, with substantial experience in information and communication technology, healthcare, environment and energy.

ITI has a special focus on International Trade Business and Development in South countries. ITI's interests and activities are global, with special emphasis on developing countries. ITI has met the highest standards of the United Nations, World Bank, government and other organizations in the international arena.

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