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Global Assets and Technology Exchange System (GATES)

Technology and innovation become more vital and essential than ever for developing countries to achieving the Millennium Development Goal while the trend of globalization is unprecedented. There are two crucial factors for developing countries to enhance their competitiveness in global economy. One is technology and another is capital. These two wheels are the driving forces for economic growth for developing countries.

Global Assets and Technology Exchange Services (GATES) is a long-term, physical common market of technology exchange for developing countries. Gates’ mission is to provide a both electronic and manual Open-Neutral-Platform for Tech-Exchange globally to help developing countries to identify and capture the full value of Technologies, intellectual properties and business opportunities. Technologies including appropriate technologies, business methods and intellectual property (IP) comprise as much as 75% of the market value of many companies. Acquiring, utilizing and optimizing technology assets are the key strategy of company growth. GATES principal services are assisting developing countries in: * Optimizing a return on their technology sales and investments GATES Open-Neutral-Platform give sellers of technology a wide open market to find a best buyers. GATES is a global common market where IP and technology offer substantial opportunities for products, services or cooperative relationships with third parties. * Acquiring technology and accessing business solutions GATES finds technologies around the globe, enabling companies quickly and efficiently to buy the best appropriate technologies for their business and investment.

GATES is engaged in bringing buyers and sellers of technologies together so that all parties optimizing the return on their investments. GATES offers companies and individuals the tools and expertise to acquire, sell, license, and leverage some of the world's most valuable technologies and intellectual properties. GATES offers full services such as technology assessment, licensing, technology acquisition and business development and R&D needs. From custom consulting and a full range of licensing expertise, to services that get you going with our online Global Common Market.

I. Goal of GATES

The Goal of GATES project is to establish a Global Common Market for Technology and Capital exchange, along with Global South Innovation Base (GSIB).

* Establishing a Global Common Market of Technology and Capital Exchange for Developing Countries * Securitization of Technology Assets including R&D results and Intellectual Property, as well as non-public private enterprises stocks. * Forming Innovation and Creative Base in Developing Countries to enhance capacity building

II. GATES system includes 3-level globally

* Center of GATE, focus on global transaction and work with regional and national GATES * Five regional GATES: Asia, Africa, Latin America, Arab and CIS focus on regional transaction and work with national GATES * National GATES are the basic market for technology and capital exchange which is in charge of verification of all legal documents and credit of buyer and seller to facilitate the transactions.

III. GATES includes 5 sub-systems as follows:

* Technology and venture capital exchange * Merges and Acquisitions * Projects finance * E-procurement * Energy and Raw materials * (Logistic and services)

IV. Each sub-GATES system includes 6-support systems to provide full range of professional services:

* E-system (using internet and other communication technology to provide a global platform) * Consulting services * Legal services * Financing services * Training and education services * Programs including Technology Fair and Exhibition services

V. GATES has two major categories of exchange on the board:

A. The first category called Ex-products which include:

* Technology for Exchange * R&D results * Intellectual Property * Enterprises finance * Venture Capital Funding and Buyout * Small and Medium Size companies IPO * Company merger and acquisition * Projects finance and biding * Development project * Social project * Poverty reduction project

B. The second category called Ex-services: * Research and Development Contract (R&D contract service) * Design services: products, package, factory, manufacturing facilities * Tech-assistance service: trouble shooting, tech-support, * Customer Service Center etc. * Turn-key services * Training services * Human Resources service * Management service * Consulting services

VI. Market of GATES

GATES business will focus on three markets.

* R&D results market: Developing countries R&D expenditure is about $56.29 billion and 0.8% of GDP in 2002.

* Venture capital market: In 2004, Europe and USA venture capital market is about $60 billion. In 2005 Venture capitalists raised about $4 billion for China VC market alone.

* Mergers and Acquisitions market: for developing countries the M&As value is about $54.7 billion in purchase (see UNCTAD investment report 2005). And SUAEE in 2005, the total transaction is 400 billion RMB ($50billion USD)

* GATES will cover the Market of Global, regional and national levels

VII. Global South Innovation Base is the capacity building measure for sustainable development for developing countries. GSIB is also a strong support for GATES from the resources stand point. GATES will facilitate the GSIB establishments in many developing countries. Shanghai Pudong Science and Technology Bureau has a well established base for it and will be the Good Innovation Practice (GIP) for other developing countries.

VIII. Sponsorship, management and technical assistance

a. This project is operated through a Public and Private Partnership.

i. The project is sponsored by UNDP SU/SSC, and got great support from Shanghai and Pudong Governments.

ii. The private sector parties are International Technology Institute (ITI), a UN project executive Agency and private company located in USA, and Shanghai United Assets and Equity Exchange (ASUEE), private company in Shanghai China.

b. Management and technical assistance:

i. GATES Governing Council: membership countries

ii. Management Team: Board of Director from SU/SSC, ITI and SUAEE, and independent director.

iii. ITI has more than 12 years of computing, network and internet capacity and experience, more over ITI has 16 years experience of international trade and on-line sale experience. The SUAEE has it own information department and 10 years technology and assets exchange business experience. SUAEE has invested approximate $20 million in their current system.

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