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Services Offered by ITI Global

ITI's research activities and services are oriented to international organizations and the customized needs of individual clients. ITI is involved in activities of research and services oriented toward international organizations and customized clients’ needs. Projects are implemented with just as much emphasis on feasibility as capability. ITI projects incorporate latest technologies in outlined project goals on the individual project level. Project areas include Information Technology, E-Commerce B2B, B2C; E-government; Strategy development and planning; High-Tech R&D and commercialization, information and assessment, planning and execution; business opportunity and international trade; and enterprise strategy. Our international experience comes from working with a diversified body of clientele from over 35 different countries across the globe.

* Information Technology, Communication Network E-commerce, e-government, computer network integration and database for business and education in technology for sustainable development; also research, analysis and assessment of computer electronics and telecommunications in developing countries. * Economic Development and Business Opportunity Strategy planning for economic development, international trade transaction; marketing and research; international investment consulting; feasibility study for industry development and opportunity; and international business management. * Energy, Environment Sustainable Development Energy systems analysis and energy technology assessment, especially on environmentally sound coal technology and clean coal technology; policy analysis, energy economics and techno-economics; establishing and improving energy database systems and structures. Environmental impact assessment, environmental indicators research, environmental assessment of technological, economic and social impact; environmentally sound technology selection and transfer; and energy and environment analysis, and alternative energy. * International Trade, Management, Business Training International training with an array of experiences from a variety of environments all over the world are crucial for understanding global business challenge and opportunities. ITI training covers international investment; government administration; enterprise management for officials, executives and professionals.

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